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How about having 7 dies in 1 tool?


• Rolleri Vario can be mounted on any press brake model
• 7 dies in one single tool, die opening : 50-75-100-125-150-200
• Guaranteed rotation and reduction of necessary force of about 25-30% thanks to rollers mounted on pins
• 250 t/m bearing - resistance and reliabilty guaranteed
• Thanks to a special adapter, it is possible to use VARIO die as an holder for dies with V opening < 50 mm
• Bending angle up to 60°
• A protective foil is added to the die in order to avoid that rust and residue of material compromise the proper functioning
• Versions available: manual, semi-automatic, automatic


It can be adapted to any machine table thanks to 1000mm units; these reduced lenghts enable the regulations of sector even individually


Reduction of necessary force of 25-30% and easy replacement in case of wear

Plates system

Maximum adaptability of the system to bending procedures and balanced forces distribution